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Dotted Love! Black, Polka & Gold Cotton, Hand Printed Scarf

$26.00 AUD

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Dotted Love! Black, Polka & Gold Cotton, Hand Printed Scarf

For some reason, polka dots make me happy. And shimmering gold makes me happier. 
So we've got the two together. 
I assure you, this is my "match all" scarf. 

These are hand printed using a block printing method and amazing thing is even though its  printed on one side, the print shows up on the reverse as well. 

And because I've got a friend who loves purpley shades, we've got this in a mauve as well.


212 cm x 56 cm approx

Mulmul is lightweight, breathable cotton. It's the softest cotton we could find.
It's been around for hundreds of years, so we're going with the ancients on this one.  
It's cool in summer and gets softer with every wash. 


For the gold print, we say dry clean.
But if you're super skint, we recommend a gentle hand wash and because it has been hand dyed, the colours will run a little on the first wash, so be careful.
I don't want you with gray shirt that should be white. 


Postage within Australia is included in the price